A Field Study of Infectious Bursal Disease in A Laying Poultry Farm at Khartoum State, Sudan


  •   Hind E. Osman

  •   Guled Abdi Ahmed Hallane

  •   Marwa Mohamed Badawi Sheikh Edris

  •   Sadia nor Aldaim Mohamed

  •   Rawnag Hassan Alshareef Ahmed

  •   Omar Mutasim Ali Osman


The aim of this study is to investigate field Infectious bursal disease outbreak in a laying poultry farm. The disease is an economically important worldwide disease in poultry production sector.  Serological tests (Elisa, AGID, and immunochromatography), morbidity rate, mortality rate and post-mortem changes were studied.  The results showed 100% morbidity, 28% mortality, positive AGID test and immunochromatography test and the Elisa test which was done at the end of the outbreak. Post-mortem revealed haemorrhages in the enlarged and edematous burasa, atrophy of the bursa, haemorrhage in skin, breast, thigh muscles and proventriculus as the most frequently detected lesions. The kidneys were affected showing enlargement, nut meg appearance and pale color Deposition of urates in ureters was also obvious. In conclusion IBD is a serious problem causing a considerable socioeconomic loss for the farmer, consumers and the country as a whole. The disease can be diagnosed using serological tests. IBD needs extensive effort in extension to raise the awareness of the sector about the disease diagnosis, prevention and control.

Keywords: IBD, infectious bursal disease, Gumboro, poultry diseases


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